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Why we have created the Up Toolkit ?

For quick bootstrapping 🚀

Bootstrapping a project is unexpectedly very difficult because there are so many choices, too many setups and configs to do before just working on a project...

Up Toolkit help you to have everything you need to start creating a modern webapp with consistency as simple as that.

Opinionated by design 🥸

Through the years, the web have changed a lot but some dogma still the same. Indeed, you still need a config helper, a translation helper, a routing, an auth system, an api, a content manager whenever you have a 10 years old project or a new one.

With the grow of frameworks of new languages every year, we found it very stupid and difficult to reinvent the wheel everytime without having a consistency between the old and the new framework used and the config name conventions.

That's why we have defined a kind of specifications and dogma that goes upfront of any frameworks.

The idea behind is to use the same logic, the same structure, the same name conventions even if your framework or programmation language changed. It allows to have almost a typed standards and the same logic between people who won't use the same frameworks.