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Getting started

Let's discover The Uptoolkit in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Get started by creating a new site so you will learn the basic and the main core concepts.

What you'll need

Using one of our boilerplate

You can use one of our boilerplate to start your project. We recommend using a Jam Stack approach and separe the back-end (API, data) part from the Front-end (view, html) part when you might need to scale in the future.

Here is a small schema that might help you to pick the right decision :

Start your app

You must read the installation guide in each and also the documentation related to the Framework choosed.

But most of the projects have the same standard modus operandi :

cd my-website
npm install
npm run dev

or a standardized Docker setup :

docker-composer up

The cd command changes the directory you're working with. In order to work with your newly created Docusaurus site, you'll need to navigate the terminal there.

The npm run dev command builds your website locally and serves it through a development server, ready for you to view at http://localhost:3000/.